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4 Episodes · 4 Videos · 48 minutes Total Running Time

Valuing every person doesn’t just mean the people we see in our lives every day – it also includes the people in our world that are neglected, forgotten, and unseen. In this series, we take a specific look at the issues homelessness, human trafficking, and fast fashion in order to learn how we can better value the unseen people affected by these issues and be a more conscious member of our world.


  • 1

    Episode 1: Seeing the Unseen People

    • Seeing the Unseen People

    • Leader's Guide

  • 2

    Episode 2: Homelessness

    • Homelessness

    • Leader's Guide

  • 3

    Episode 3: Human Trafficking

    • Human Trafficking

    • Leader's Guide

  • 4

    Episode 4: Fast Fashion

    • Fast Fashion

    • Leader's Guide

  • 5

    Workshop Notes

    • Now You See Me Workshop Notes

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