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4 Episodes · 4 Videos · 43 minutes Total Running Time

Failing has never been fun, whether its getting a C- when we wanted an A or failing our driver’s test (again). Increasingly, it also feels like the pressure to succeed is getting more and more intense. In this series, we take a critical look at how we see our failures, while exploring ways we can process them well, cope in healthy ways, and develop personal resilience.


  • 1

    Episode 1: Failure Happens

    • Failure Happens - 11.5 min

    • Leader's Guide - Episode 1

  • 2

    Episode 2: Ways To Cope

    • Ways to Cope - 11 min

    • Leader's Guide - Episode 2

  • 3

    Episode 3: Playing Not To Lose

    • Playing Not To Lose - 10.5 min

    • Leader's Guide - Episode 3

  • 4

    Episode 4: Keep On Going

    • Keep On Going - 10.5 min

    • Leader's Guide - Episode 4

  • 5


    • Failing Greatly Workshop Notes

    • Failing Greatly Workshop Survey

Your students will learn...

Important content that helps them understand how to build and maintain personal resilience. Learning outcomes include:

  • Re-learning to see failure not as a bad thing, but as a healthy part of life and an essential ingredient to building resilience

  • Practical ways to cope with failure, and the stress and anxiety that often come with it, including diaphragmatic breathing techniques

  • An empathetic understanding for why stress seems to be increasing in our modern society

  • Understanding resilience and the steps that are required for it to grow and strengthen

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